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    Known Bugs


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    Known Bugs

    Post by Tks on Thu Apr 26, 2012 5:35 am

    This thread is no longer being updated! Please refer to latest posts for upates to the bugs.

    Report Bugs (No Posting Required)

    Please note: Suggestions are benefical towards the server, and are not categorized as bugs, please make sure you seperate the two, and keep the suggestions thread strictly for optional benefits towards the server.

    Hello, I suppose the first few weeks are the busiest regardless of how many players there are. Why? You may ask, because we truly find out all the bugs early on, and please do note our server has only been up so long. On the 21'st of this month I started making the forums, and web client, we released the next day, and here we are 3 days from that. Please report all bugs immediately so we can prepare for a better future for this server, a large player base is just around the corner!

    Right now, the biggest thing I can do is to fix the bugs, as they are quite damaging to the server, I am a hard worker and I'll do my best to get them done. Below you can see a list of the current bugs, and those that have been fixed already.

    • NEW! Slayer Tower Bugs.
    • Private Chat(Sometimes messages are not received.)
    • Moderators having donator crown in clan chats.
    • Warrior guild generally really buggy.
    • Dragon claws only do 2/4 attacks.
    • Private Chat Automatically split on login.
    • NPC Models fixed, such as in slayer tower, tormented demons.
    • Items requiring correct stats (Black D'Hide, Spirit Shields, etc.)
    • Smithing fixed (Darts giving 1 tip instead of 10, etc.)
    • Granite Maul Special Fixed
    • Drop percentage of various items reduced.
    • Prices stabilized on various items.
    • Melee combat fixed (was generally buggy.)
    • Bad bug where on death you would get PKP from duel arena, npcs, etc.

    Many other minor or forgotten bugs have been fixed, and this is the current bug list, this entire category is locked and is not meant for responses, please report further bugs in the bug report section of the forum, thanks.

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