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    Server Downtime.


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    Server Downtime.

    Post by Tks on Thu May 10, 2012 5:19 am

    We've been up since the 22nd, and today we will be going down. Why? You may ask, that is because I feel the bugs that this source has is preventing me from wanting to get more players, I will be removing our runelocus, and mopar. BUT KEEP IN MIND ONE THING. I have given myself a 1 month deadline, or until the summer to get the bugs fixed up, my co owner and I have both agreed on this. All bugs will be fixed within a month, and we will open up for many players.

    I will be reseting accounts inactive of 48 hours. I will continue to work daily on bugs, and quests, and you can still get on during this time, but expect not 24\7 uptime and no outgoing advertisements either.

    Our server lacked many things key server needed, and I will add more of those things, such as quests, and many other fun things. At the time of this message I have perfected the ::claim, ::vote and ::check commands which was a great step forward.

    If you are concerned your character has been removed, but you are planning to play on our re-release, I have backed up all characters before the removal, you can request to have your character back if he is not already.

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