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    Latest Changes

    Post by Tks on Mon May 07, 2012 7:23 pm

    Report Bugs (No Posting Required)

    Please note: Suggestions are benefical towards the server, and are not categorized as bugs, please make sure you seperate the two, and keep the suggestions thread strictly for optional benefits towards the server.

    Hello, lately you may have seen quite a few of restarts (not those including the auto restarter). This is due to a new function of Vote4Cash I added, I only tested it so far and I know the following. I wrote the code for it all myself so I have no way of knowing the limitations of it. Some factors I was able to test and some I was not able to test.

    As far as I know, the command ::vote and ::claim work well and do what they are supposed to do, I used many variables including 2 new character tokens to get this working. Except 1 little problem, if the player switches characters and attempts to vote it will go through as if they haved voted before and tell you to ::claim, but when you claim nothing will show up, this is because your IP is recorded and the claim command wont go through if you have claimed on that IP before. So overall it works, just I want the messages to be the same no matter what character you are on which is what I spent all day working on. (Actually had to revert to a backup 2 times as I messed something up).

    I made sure everything with these new functions are recorded, if you attempt to cheat the system while it is being worked on, you will be immediately banned. If you feel you did something that shouldn't happen, report it immediately and it will be resolved, otherwise you will be banned if we find out.

    In other news... Recipie for disaster quest has been added, I made it myself including the dialogue, location, and everything. I have always loved the lumbridge cellar, and in runescape I considered it a little home for me, as it had a bank chest - which you can use after completing recipe for disaster quest. All gloves rewarded after completing recipe for disaster now require the quest completion. I am at school, bell just rang and I will update this later Wink Thanks. PLEASE REPORT BUGS WITH THE VOTE4CASH!

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