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    Auto Restarts


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    Auto Restarts

    Post by Tks on Sat May 05, 2012 9:40 am

    Hello, this is regarding auto restarts which will be added sometime later today. How it will work is every hour the server will receive a update timer lasting for 60 seconds before the server is shutdown and instantly restarted with characters saved.

    What this allows me to do, is be able to work away from home and allow my changes to take effect. What this also does is it restocks shops, resets npcs, and basically cleans the server. When I am away from the server it is left alone up to a few days which may lead to a laggy server if we have no restarts. I hope this will solve the issue.

    If you think the auto restarts should occur more/less often please let me know along with how long the update timer should be, is 60 seconds too short of a warning? Are you in a boss fight? Is 10 minutes too much and irritating? Please give me an idea.

    In other news... PKP has been fixed. All npcs that would automatically hit through prayer (such as tzhaar, barrows, and jad) no longer hit through prayer at all.

    Bugs Fixed: Fixed, but may not take affect until later today, those bugs include - Slayer tasks properly displaying no task instead of slayer level bug, and logging into the server, the client keeping previous chat data, from previous sessions.

    EDIT: The update timer will occur every 2 hours and give a 5 minute warning.

    Please report all bugs!

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