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    Updates 5.3.2012


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    Updates 5.3.2012

    Post by Tks on Fri May 04, 2012 6:52 am

    Report Bugs (No Posting Required)

    Please note: Suggestions are benefical towards the server, and are not categorized as bugs, please make sure you seperate the two, and keep the suggestions thread strictly for optional benefits towards the server.

    Although I was unable to work efficiently at home, below are the following changes that were made as of today.

    Please note: Some updates have not taken effect, but are ready to go. Those are marked with a *

    • NEW! Clients have now been properly updated to high detail.
    • NEW! Runite veins have been added to skillzone.
    • NEW! Excess items in multiple shops down to only 1 shop (Bob).
    • NEW! TzTok-Jad has had his attack interval changed to 1 second, up from none.
    • NEW! TzTok-Jad no longer hits through prayer.
    • NEW! Reset Task command for slayer.
    • NEW! Tzhaar now drop uncut onyx.
    • NEW! All dragons now blow fire more often.
    • NEW! No slayer task now properly displays as no slayers tasks instead of Hans.
    • NEW! Skeletons have been removed from slayer tasks due to bugs.
    • NEW! Dagannoths (Level 92) now drop berserker rings, along with other items, from none.

    Although I was able to achieve fire cape without the increase in attack interval, he was still unbelievably hard. There originally was no way to obtain furys, but that has since changed. You can now obtain them through Tzhaar and Mystery Boxes.

    What to expect... More bugs fixed (PKP, ETC)... A new shop available to all players, which I will not distinguish just yet...Recipie for Disaster Quest re-added so barrows gloves are obtainable.

    A new minigame or quest (location ready, may need a poll). Warrior guild fixed as soon as I can, Proselyte armor giving proper stats, and more. Sorry I could not have gotten more done, I was working for the most of the day adding a few other things.

    OVERALL: Again, I cannot stress this enough. I admit to the bug list quickly shrinking as bugs are being repaired, but please report them all as you come across them so I can move on to suggestions, Vote4Cash, Highscores and many other ideas. I personally, am not focused on cosmetics and fun for the server until all bugs are found and fixed, I am not even trying to get more players as if I tried, we'd have alot more now. I really want the bugs fixed before these sorts of things can happen. Thanks

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