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    Updates 5.2.2012


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    Updates 5.2.2012

    Post by Tks on Thu May 03, 2012 5:29 am

    You are now able to respond to this thread!

    Report Bugs (No Posting Required)

    Please note: Suggestions are benefical towards the server, and are not categorized as bugs, please make sure you seperate the two, and keep the suggestions thread strictly for optional benefits towards the server.

    Hello everyone, I did nothing but work on bugs all day today and yesterday. Keep in mind I try my best and I have school. The bugs are in fact rapidly declining and the server is turning into a better place. Also, please note many bugs I fix are categorized as non important and are not placed here.

    • WARNING: Pkers Beware, dragon claws have been fixed!
    • WARNING: All dragons now have dragon-breathe, beware!
    • WARNING: Tormented demon models were fixed, and location changed!
    • WARNING: Corporeal Beast fixed, and location changed!
    • NEW! Npc Added: Doric now sells cut gems.
    • NEW! Npc Added: Lucien now sells PKP Gear.
    • NEW! Thieving rewards have been increased.
    • NEW! Quest Tab has been greatly improved.
    • NEW! PKP bug has been resolved.
    • NEW! Spades have been added to the shops.

    I have been quite busy lately, and I am currently working very hard on some more well-known bugs. Thank You.

    In other news... Vote for rewards is just around the corner, and in its place contact me in-game before voting so we can award players with a mystery box, these boxes contain many rare items, and many not-so rare items. Some rare items include: Fire cape, Uncut Onyx, Whip, and many more! PM Tks In-game before voting so you can receive your mystery box.

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    Re: Updates 5.2.2012

    Post by Guest on Thu May 03, 2012 2:25 pm

    I am very pleased with these updates.
    The server itself has come along ways and hopefully will increase its playerbase soon, I hope to contribute.

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